Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Cheap!

Just went to CVS and Walgreens on my lunch break to get all my deals this week! At Walgreens I got the following:
  • 2 Arizona Iced Teas     2/$5
  • 2 Right Guard Deodorants   $3.29 AND Buy One Get One Free
  • Walgreens Paper Towels  $3 for a 4 pack
  • 3 Boxes of Cream of Wheat (sample box with 3 packets each inside)   $1 each
  • 24 count Walgreens Plastic Spoons and Forks  $0.99 AND Buy One Get One Free
  • Easy Mac  (this wasn't on the list but I was hungry)   $1.29
  • Clearasil Face Wash  $3.49 and get $2 Register Rewards back

I had a B1G1 Free coupon for the deodorant, so both of those were free. I also had three $1 coupons for Cream of Wheat so all 3 boxes were free, and I had a $1 off coupon on the Clearasil, so it was basically 49 cents after the coupon and the Register Rewards.

Out of pocket at Walgreens I spent a little over $11 and got $2 back.

Then I went to CVS:
  • 2 Herbal Essences Shampoos   2/$5.97 AND get $2 ExtraCare Bucks back
  • Tena pads (These are like Depends and I didn't want to buy them, but I made $2.50 off the deal so I had to haha!)  $9.99 but get $9.99 ECB back
I had a Buy One Get One Free coupon for the shampoo and a $2.50 coupon for the pads. I also used $7 ECB from a previous CVS trip.

Out of pocket I spent $3.50 and got $13 in ECB back ($1 was for using my green bag tag!)

So overall, I spent $14.50 out of pocket and got $15 back to use next time!! Basically I made 50 cents! Woo hoo!

Speaking of Walgreens - play their new Instant Win game online for a chance at 1 of 250 gift cards!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Fever

I thought the blog needed a springtime update. What do you think? Easy to read? Like the colors? Hate it and want me to go back to the old one? Really don't give a crap? Well FINE! Stick this in your juice box and suck it.

One Store's Loss is Another Shopper's Gain!

2 big stores have recently announced that they will be closing some or all of their locations. I'm equal parts sad and excited about this. Excited because this means going out of business sales and cheap stuff! Sad because one of these stores is Borders and I really like going there to sit and read and munch on a pretzel or get a hot chocolate. Even though I do this mayyyybe twice a year, I still find it sad that I don't have the option to do it more often now. There is a Barnes & Noble right across the street from where Borders is located here, but the Starbucks inside doesn't have cheese-filled pretzels. Have you ever had one of those things? It's like heaven in my mouth. They took one of my favorite foods and filled it with another one of my favorite foods. I think the only thing that can top that is pasta filled with ice cream. The minute Ben & Jerry's puts Half Baked in my manicotti....oh gosh, I can't even finish that sentence. I may have to email them.

Oh, right. The store closings. I went to Borders the other day and everything is on sale. Magazines were 50% off and most books were 25-30% off. The bargain books are included, so I ended up getting this book for $3.75, which seems even better to me now that I see it on the website for $19.99! And yes, I do realize buying this book is something I should be ashamed about, but as much as Kate makes me want to scream, I have a reality TV addiction. I also bought a gift for a birthday coming up, and I bought a magazine for my boyfriend all for $15. Check here to see if a store is closing near you.

The other store is Ultimate Electronics. Their sign looks VERY similar to Best Buy's and they opened right across the street from Best Buy out here, so I can't say that I'm surprised they're closing. Apparently they are closing all 46 of their stores though and everything right now is 20 - 50% off. You could probably hold out a little longer until they mark things down even more and score some really good deals on DVDs, games, and appliances.

I think someone is a copycat. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Know It's Only Thursday, But....

You should really go to Friday's! I was there on Tuesday night and they have a promotion going on where if you order from 20 new menu items, you get a $10 gift card to use on your next visit! The best part is that some of the menu items are UNDER $10, so you're basically getting a free meal! My boyfriend had Chicken Piccata and I had the Tropical Splash Salad. Our total bill came to $21 and change, but we got $20 in gift cards to go back and get a free meal!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shopping High

I have been waiting for today for weeks now! About a month ago I spent far too much money at NY&Company (but got a LOT of stuff and some good deals!) and they gave me five $15 City Cash cards. These are good for $15 off a $30 purchase, so I basically have $75 off a $150 purchase. The City Cash cards are redeemable today and they have been burning a hole in my pocket (ok, on my fridge) since then! I'm heading over after work to have a little bit of a shopping spree.

I went for a mini-shopping spree at lunch and used my $10 off $25 coupon at Kohl's AND my 30% off coupon! I was in the dressing room trying on more things than I could carry and I started to get that "oh $#!% I'm going to have to sell my car" feeling. 

But it came out to be WAY less than I expected. I got 11 things for $54, PLUS they are also giving away Kohl's Cash right now for every $50 you spend, so I got $10 to go back another day and buy more! 

Famous Footwear also mailed me a $10 off $10 coupon (um, as in FREE!) and I know I have a 15% off coupon somewhere, so I'm going to have to spend that one too!

Who needs therapy when there are coupons?!

Monday, March 7, 2011

CVS: 2 Target: 1

So I thought maybe Target was trying to win me back once I said that CVS was becoming my new favorite place to shop because Target then posted a deal for a wicked cute bag full of free samples!

But then CVS must have heard about this because now today on their Facebook page you can print a coupon for a free candy or beverage if you "like" them. THEN you can go here and request a free sample of Wisk laundry detergent along with a coupon. Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter because I also got a 25% off CVS savings pass in my email the other day from a Twitter offer!

Your turn Target, what do ya got for me? ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Target Must Be Trying to Win Me Back!

Head on over here to get a FREE cosmetic bag filled with samples from Target. If it comes with all the samples in the picture, this is a pretty great deal! It also gives me something else to look forward to seeing in my mailbox!