Friday, March 11, 2011

One Store's Loss is Another Shopper's Gain!

2 big stores have recently announced that they will be closing some or all of their locations. I'm equal parts sad and excited about this. Excited because this means going out of business sales and cheap stuff! Sad because one of these stores is Borders and I really like going there to sit and read and munch on a pretzel or get a hot chocolate. Even though I do this mayyyybe twice a year, I still find it sad that I don't have the option to do it more often now. There is a Barnes & Noble right across the street from where Borders is located here, but the Starbucks inside doesn't have cheese-filled pretzels. Have you ever had one of those things? It's like heaven in my mouth. They took one of my favorite foods and filled it with another one of my favorite foods. I think the only thing that can top that is pasta filled with ice cream. The minute Ben & Jerry's puts Half Baked in my manicotti....oh gosh, I can't even finish that sentence. I may have to email them.

Oh, right. The store closings. I went to Borders the other day and everything is on sale. Magazines were 50% off and most books were 25-30% off. The bargain books are included, so I ended up getting this book for $3.75, which seems even better to me now that I see it on the website for $19.99! And yes, I do realize buying this book is something I should be ashamed about, but as much as Kate makes me want to scream, I have a reality TV addiction. I also bought a gift for a birthday coming up, and I bought a magazine for my boyfriend all for $15. Check here to see if a store is closing near you.

The other store is Ultimate Electronics. Their sign looks VERY similar to Best Buy's and they opened right across the street from Best Buy out here, so I can't say that I'm surprised they're closing. Apparently they are closing all 46 of their stores though and everything right now is 20 - 50% off. You could probably hold out a little longer until they mark things down even more and score some really good deals on DVDs, games, and appliances.

I think someone is a copycat. 

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