Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Holy Cheap!

Just went to CVS and Walgreens on my lunch break to get all my deals this week! At Walgreens I got the following:
  • 2 Arizona Iced Teas     2/$5
  • 2 Right Guard Deodorants   $3.29 AND Buy One Get One Free
  • Walgreens Paper Towels  $3 for a 4 pack
  • 3 Boxes of Cream of Wheat (sample box with 3 packets each inside)   $1 each
  • 24 count Walgreens Plastic Spoons and Forks  $0.99 AND Buy One Get One Free
  • Easy Mac  (this wasn't on the list but I was hungry)   $1.29
  • Clearasil Face Wash  $3.49 and get $2 Register Rewards back

I had a B1G1 Free coupon for the deodorant, so both of those were free. I also had three $1 coupons for Cream of Wheat so all 3 boxes were free, and I had a $1 off coupon on the Clearasil, so it was basically 49 cents after the coupon and the Register Rewards.

Out of pocket at Walgreens I spent a little over $11 and got $2 back.

Then I went to CVS:
  • 2 Herbal Essences Shampoos   2/$5.97 AND get $2 ExtraCare Bucks back
  • Tena pads (These are like Depends and I didn't want to buy them, but I made $2.50 off the deal so I had to haha!)  $9.99 but get $9.99 ECB back
I had a Buy One Get One Free coupon for the shampoo and a $2.50 coupon for the pads. I also used $7 ECB from a previous CVS trip.

Out of pocket I spent $3.50 and got $13 in ECB back ($1 was for using my green bag tag!)

So overall, I spent $14.50 out of pocket and got $15 back to use next time!! Basically I made 50 cents! Woo hoo!

Speaking of Walgreens - play their new Instant Win game online for a chance at 1 of 250 gift cards!


  1. You did NOT just buy pee pads! LOL! OMG who are you going to regift them to? And don't say me because I'm old...


  2. I did haha! I almost put them back when I noticed it was a guy at the register, but they gave me back $9.99 in ECBs and I only paid $7.50 for them so I couldn't resist! I'll find someone (old) to donate them to.