Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Love! (but not the hippie kind!)

Today only you can get a free Valentine's Day card at Tiny Prints! They have the cutest cards and you can personalize the crap out of it. I made one for my mom before and it came out really great. You can add pictures, pick the layouts, and write your own text. May I suggest this:

Create your card and then enter the promo code "FBLOVE" (without the " ") to make it FREE! You will still have to enter credit card information, which I know discourages some people, but I have done this before and I can promise you that Tiny Prints will not charge you. If you ship the card to yourself, it will be $0.00. As in completely freaking free. If you send it directly to your spouse (who I imagine would live at your address anyway...), boyfriend/girlfriend, BFF, cat, or that guy whose windows you're always peeking into, well then you have to pay the cost of a stamp. Such is love. <3

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