Monday, June 11, 2012

Date Night?

So now is definitely the time to ask out that cute, nerdy chick who likes Mexican food and wants to see Prometheus (who does this actually apply to..?), because you can treat her to both real cheap!

First step: Go here and print this coupon. Using this, you can get any entree on the Qdoba menu for only $5. The coupon can be used multiple times from now until July 8th. If you are really going to take my advice and invite a girl, may I suggest NOT ordering beans??

Step Two: From now until June 17th, if you go here and select two tickets to the movie you want to see, one of them will be free when you check out. You must go through this link though. Incidentally, the 17th is also Father's Day, so if the girl turns you down, you can always bring Dad.

I know some girls might think you're cheap, and using coupons might be inappropriate first date etiquette, but I am not one of those girls. So if she turns you down, you're more than welcome to take me and my friends instead.

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