Monday, November 29, 2010

Attention Couch Potatoes!!

Found a really good deal on a TV at Target this week. It's a VIZIO 26" 720p 60Hz LED LCD HDTV (I hope you know your alphabet). We went to check it out last night and it's actually pretty awesome looking (and we didn't even see it in HD!). The guy was telling us that VIZIO has become one of the top TV brands, and everyone who reviewed it on Google gave it really good reviews, so we are planning on snagging one of these for a bedroom TV. Unfortunately they were out of stock, but the guy in the electronics department told us they get shipments every night, so we're going to keep checking!

The TV is on sale for $198 right now, but if you have a Target Red Card you get 5% off, making it $188. PLUS, if you got the special Target coupon book in the mail this week, there was a coupon on the back for a $15 gift card when you spend $150 at Target! I'm moving to a new apartment next week, so this works out perfect for me - cheap TV in the bedroom, and $15 to spend on new clothes! Er...I mean...$15 to spend on things we NEED for the apartment. Like new clothes.

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