Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So I Decided to Start a Blog...

Before I start this thing, I feel like I should tell you just one little thing about me: I am CONSTANTLY starting projects and never finishing them. Well, not right away at least. I'll get an idea (like starting a blog...) and I get SO excited about it, and then I start planning it out, buying supplies, or researching online, depending on what it is, and then it starts to feel a bit overwhelming. So then I put it aside for a while and pretend to ignore the fact that it's staring me in the face and mocking me from my to-do list (because of course you can't take anything off the list until it's 100% done) and then eventually I pick it back up and finish it. Usually this is okay since they tend to be silly projects that would only make me happy anyway, like going through every marker I own to weed out the ones that don't write well anymore (I own a lot of markers...), or organizing all my online bookmarks into folders, or making a scrapbook for a trip I took 6 months ago and haven't printed pictures for yet.

So anyway, I procrastinate. And I get bored easily. But I also like the feeling of finishing things and seeing the end result (and crossing them off that $#@% list!!), so I really do plan to write something in here several times a week. Just in case though, I decided to not make this public until I have a few entries and see exactly what I'm undertaking. So if you're reading this, it's actually in the future and you just time traveled!! You're amazing.

Ok, moving on. Confession #2 - I have an addiction problem. To saving money. It's bad. I think I literally get a high every time I manage to score something for free or insanely cheap. (This is the part where you decide I'm kinda nuts and move on to another blog...) No, but seriously, I have been so obsessed lately with finding great deals, coupon cutting, and saving money that I just needed to tell people about it! And that's where you come in! The plan is to share something I have found in each entry, whether it be an awesome coupon, a really good retail store deal, or some freebies that I got in the mail. Believe me, I have plenty of ideas to write about and they're all on that silly list. I'm hoping everyone else will be as excited as me to get some of these, and I'm also hoping people will share their own deals and savings ideas.

I normally don't talk this much, I promise. I'm just trying to procrastinate again so that I can pick which thing I want to tell you about first. I think I've got it though... (insert drum roll here).

This thing is awesome. I just got mine today and I can't even put it down. I've gone through it twice and I'm sticking post-it flags everywhere because there is just so much stuff in here that I know I will never remember to look for. You can choose the book closest to your neighborhood (or buy a different area if you know you're going on vacation in the future) and they're actually all on sale right now! You get the book for $28 plus FREE shipping. It kinda sounded like a lot to me at first, so I held off on buying it, but now that I have it I would actually have paid much more for it. There are coupons in this thing for EVERYTHING! Hundreds of pages of restaurant deals, most of them buy one get one free. Also tons of attractions - Six Flags, mini-golf, zoos, bowling, movie coupons, museums. At the end there are even retail coupons, like 10% off at Old Navy, or $25 off a $75 purchase at NY & Company. TONS! Most of these are good until November 2011, so you have plenty of time to use them, and you can start using them right now instead of waiting until January. Did I mention it's huge?

Hey look at that - first entry down. And I didn't even take a 3-week break :)


  1. I'm sorry you have a procrastination issue with starting projects and never finishing them, but am so HAPPY to read that I am not the only one who experiences this phenomenon. Your first 2 paragraphs hit the nail on the head for me. This blog is a perfect example for me - I saw you posted a link to it - what - 3 days ago? And it's finally taken me until now to read it! You are inspiring me to write in my own blog. So maybe I'll write an entry today.. then not again until April 2011.

  2. Haha well 3 days is much better than 6 months, so I'd say you've got your procrastination under control ;) I'll be looking forward to reading your blog entry! (Now and in April!)