Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's All You. No, really.

I love getting mail more than most normal people. So I subscribe to more magazines than I'm willing to admit, but this one is definitely my favorite.

I love All You magazine. Each issue has a bunch of articles on saving money, crafty things, and ideas and tips on everyday household stuff. It's actually really fun to read. The best part by far though is the coupons! Most of the issues have anywhere from $50-100 worth of coupons inside them!! This one in the picture has $94.50 worth. Not bad for a magazine that costs less than $2 an issue!! It's the weekend, so I'm not going to do math for you, but that totally works out in your favor. By a lot. They offer a 2 week free trial on their website also, making the math so amazing that you really don't even need me to think on a Saturday to prove it to you! It's just super cheap and worth it!

I really like their website also, although it can be a bit busy and overwhelming, but it's PACKED with saving money tips and interesting articles. There's also some coupons on the website too!
You know all those daily emails I told you that I get? Well one of them is from All You because every day they offer a different free sample and you can have it emailed to you each morning so that you can sign up for it before they run out! Right now it's a water test kit for hard water, which is really not that exciting to me, although it might be for you. I mean maybe you've been wondering your whole life if you have hard water (what the heck is hard water anyway? Ice cubes are hard water, right? I have those). This sample is kind of an exception though because normally they're really good samples of health & beauty type stuff, cleaning supplies, candy, etc. 

One tip - read the whole magazine before you start cutting coupons or you will end up looking a little bit like this guy:

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