Friday, February 11, 2011

I've Been Hibernating.

I know, I know. I'm terrible at keeping up with this lately. I have a pretty good way to make it up to you though and I will tell you about it later this weekend (oooo, the suspense).
For now, I have a different thing to tell you about. Free lima beans!! Mmmm. Actually, I'm just kidding. Who would be excited about free lima beans?! I bet that kid above would make that same face if I told him I was giving him lima beans.

Ok, moving on. Toward the point of this post. Every year, about twice a year, Shecky's hosts a "Girl's Night Out" in Boston at the Cyclorama. They do it in a lot of cities throughout the country as well, so if you're not from the Boston area, move here. Or you could find it in your city, I suppose that's easier. The Girl's Night Out event is a really good time. They have a bunch of jewelry, clothing, and purse vendors for you to shop at, plus areas to get your hair or nails done (sometimes this costs extra), and then are a few random tables with vendors from spas, travel sites, food items, etc.

I suggest buying the ticket that comes with a goodie bag as opposed to just general admission. The goodie bags are FULL of free stuff! Some of the things I've gotten in the past are lotions, hair elastics, makeup, chapstick, magazines, deodorant, suntan lotion, chocolate bars, bottled water, razors, eyedrops, perfume, whitening strips, coupons, and full size bottles of shampoo, body wash, and hairspray. Here's a pic of someone else's goodie bag that I found online:
Totally worth the extra cost for a goodie bag! PLUS you get 5 free drink tickets when you walk in the door! FIVE. Full-size. There's potential to look like this when you leave:
So be careful. Oh, and drunk kitty just reminded me that there is usually also a free beer tasting sponsored by Budweiser.  5 FREE drinks, a beer tasting, free samples, and a goodie bag for $15!! The tickets on Shecky's site cost $30 but DON'T buy them there because you can find them much cheaper. I usually like to get them from Goldstar. Don't ever pay more than $20 for your ticket. If you can't find them cheaper, then find me and I will let you know where to get them!

There is also another company that puts on the exact same kind of event, in the exact same building, with the same goodie bags. Style Fixx will also have a Girls Night Out a couple times a year. It's basically the same as Shecky's, but my friends and I have found that we like Style Fixx a little better because they have food! Food is pretty necessary when you're drinking all your free drinks. Last year there was a booth with sushi (cost extra), pizza, and free frozen yogurt. They also usually have people walking around with dessert samples. Do you see why this is my favorite of the two? Here's a peek at a Style Fixx goodie bag:

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