Friday, October 21, 2011

Extremely Un-Extreme Couponing

Can I just tell you how much I hate TLC's "Extreme Couponing" show? I hate it as big as this woman's hair.

And almost as big as her snaggletooth. I feel like it's given people who just use coupons to save a little extra money each week a bad name. I'm almost embarrassed sometimes to hand over a stack of coupons because I don't think there is EVER a positive reaction. I even had one cashier at CVS give me a hard time and say "that show is going to ruin it for everyone" when I used ExtraCare Bucks to make my order free. Hello - you GAVE me the ECB's to use towards things, didn't you? Am I supposed to hang them on my wall, make origami swans, or wipe my....well, anyway....I'm pretty sure I earned those by buying things and if my order ends up FREE when I use them, great! Hooray!! That's the point!

But seriously, if you've watched the show, you may have seen the woman who stocked up on diapers....but doesn't have any children. Or the couple who collectively weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of A LOT and filled a carriage with Butterfingers. Then there are the people who dumpster dive for coupons, insist that they are different from hoarders because "their stockpile does not have dust, hoarders have dust", and spend 10 hours in the grocery store filling up carriages with things they will most likely never use unless there are several national emergencies in one week. I mean, I understand the show is called "Extreme Couponing" but...really? I almost hope some of it is staged...

There are some people on the show that I will give credit to. They donate things to their local churches, shelters, etc. and share with their neighbors. That's great! I just wish there were less people who abused it so that I don't have to suffer when stores start limiting their use of coupons. I generally try to use my coupons to just stock up on the things I use all the time while they are a good deal. I do NOT have a stockpile, but I do have enough toothpaste, shampoo, razors, and toilet paper to last me until there's another good sale. And I didn't have to take down an old lady or jump in a dumpster to get them.

Thoughts? Anyone else think this show needs to taken off the air yesterday? 

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