Saturday, October 22, 2011

WANTED: Bigger Mailbox

So I came home from work yesterday and engaged in my favorite extracurricular activity - getting the mail! The post office delivery man must really hate me or something though because everything was squished in, boxes were crushed, and there was flaming poop in a bag!


Ok, well that last one isn't true, but nevertheless all of my mail came out unscathed and I'm pretty excited about it all! Here is what I got:

A free sample of Mary Kay mascara, free Always samples, Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner sample, a $10 Target gift card, and my All You Magazine that I LOVE because it's full of coupons and tips on how to save money! A great mail day to end a looong week!

This wasn't my favorite mail day of the week either. That was yesterday when I came home and found this card from my 1 & (almost)3 year old cousins. It pretty much made my day! :)

By the way, if something happens to me, and people need to search my computer for clues, please ignore the Google search for "flaming poop in a bag"...

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