Friday, November 25, 2011

How Much Did I Pay for All of This???

It's a trick question!! I paid absolutely NOTHING!! In fact, I actually MADE money from CVS for all of this stuff. 

Here's how (the really shortened version):
  • I started with $19 ExtraCare Bucks from previous shopping trips.
  • CVS's Black Friday ad was ah-MAZE-ing! So many things are completely FREE after ECBs
  • I used some coupons to make the amount that I actually spent less than what I got back - making me money!!
The total retail value of everything you see here is $76.23.  I spent $2.38 in cash out of my own pocket, BUT in the end, I made $4 in ECBs after all of my transactions were done (I did 3 of them). So overall, I got $76 worth of stuff for free AND gained about $1.50.

You can do this too! The sale is good until Saturday 11/26. It's SO easy! If you're interested or have any questions about where to find coupons, just ask! The best part? You won't get trampled, bloodied, or bruised like you might at Best Buy or Walmart!

Happy Black Friday to meeeee!

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