Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Quick and (Relatively) Painless FREE Way to Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

Have you ever visited StumbleUpon? My boyfriend has used it a few times and we have learned how to get change from a vending machine even when you didn't put any money in (although I'm not sure this is which case, I did NOT tell you to try this). You can also find out how to make the elevator not stop on any floor but the one you're going to. Which reminds me of this commercial:

You can customize your favorites so that you "stumble" upon things that you are interested in all over the web. Cute puppy pictures, deals and coupons(!!), comics, weird trivia that no one else even WANTS to know, how to do the Running Man (go ahead, we won't judge). Right now you can also get a $10 Amazon Gift card for every 5 friends you get to join too!! I feel like I should put that last part in neon flashing lights or something! It's almost too easy!

All you have to do is go here to sign up for StumbleUpon, and then use your referral link to invite friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, or tin can & string telephones! Ok, that last one might not work, but the others all do. Then for every 5 friends who sign up for FREE using your link, you get a $10 Amazon gift card! So I hope you have a lot of nice friends who want to take 60 seconds to sign up and get you FREE money, and then they can pass it along to their friends and get some free money themselves!! In fact, I hope I have a lot of nice friends who will do the same (wink, wink). You could try bribery. This always works on me:

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