Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cures for Peely Skin and Makeup-aholics!

I hate winter. I hate the cold, the snow (unless I'm sledding), the staticky hair, chapped lips, dry skin, and I hate that it's dark when I get out of work.
I feel like I'm missing a bunch of things in that list, but I'll include them in a future Scrooge-like post. 

Anyway, because I hate winter and all it's dry skin, I was kind of excited to see that Aveeno is offering a free FULL SIZE bottle of lotion! They have the good stuff too, not the watered down, nasty-smelling stuff. Supposedly in this weekend's Sunday paper (Jan 9th) there will be an offer for the bottle of lotion. Not sure if it will be a coupon or a rebate, but it's worth checking out! I suspect there will be a catch, like you have to buy 5 other things to get your "free" lotion, but I still figured I would let you know just in case it's legit.

I've also been hearing a lot about the clearance deals at CVS recently. Apparently a LOT of brand name makeup items are marked 75% off! Look for the little red stickers on them. If you signed up for the ExtraCare Beauty Club that I blogged about yesterday, then this is a good way to start earning your ExtraBucks! 

Oh, one more thing I hate about winter:

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