Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tweet Tweet

Do any of you use Twitter? I've been trying to get into it a little bit more, but I just find Facebook more fun. However, Twitter is really growing in the business world and this means more deals for us! Many sites post deals exclusively to Twitter - for example, JetBlue gave away 1,000 free airline tickets to its Twitter followers last year by disclosing the location of these free tickets in a "tweet". Starbucks, Dell, and Comcast are 3 other companies that use Twitter frequently to offer deals and support, and I recently got movie tickets for $5.50 each with a code released to Twitter by Fandango! I was almost as excited as this guy:

On top of there being a lot of companies on Twitter posting news and deals, there are also a lot of bloggers who post savings tips. I follow several blogs on Twitter and they alert me when there's a good deal out there!

Today I came across this list of the 40 Top Twitter Feeds to Help You Save Money. I wish I could remember which blog I got it from so I could give them props for posting it, but I'm getting close to 30 and I don't remember things like that anymore. If that blogger happens to find this and notice that I stole it, I'm really sorry!

I actually follow some of these on Twitter and they're pretty helpful/interesting sometimes. I still sometimes feel like I'm speaking a different language with all these "tweets" and "blogs" and "RSS feeds" and stuff. Last month I told someone "I have a Twitter widget on my iGoogle" and felt like someone should wash my mouth out with soap.

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  1. The person that you said you had a twitter widget on your igoogle to was meeeeeeeee! haha