Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Coupons for Free Stuff!

On Saturday I had Kathy Spencer over my house to teach me and 13 friends/family members how to shop for free. She had a lot of great ideas and gave us all some coupons and tips to get started. One of those tips was on where to start searching for your coupons. Did you know you can have just the fliers and coupons delivered from the Boston Globe (if you're in the Boston area) for FREE?! It's part of their Savings Central program. This will help a lot because my friends and I went around like crazy people the next day searching for coupons and free newspapers to hoard.

Also, take advantage of the ExtraCare Bucks program at CVS, the Register Rewards at Walgreens, and the UPs at Rite Aid. Once you purchase something at each store that qualifies for a reward, you should be able to use that reward to go back and buy something else (with coupons of course!) that will qualify for another reward and keep doing this forever so that you never again spend any money out of pocket at these stores!

Definitely check out her website and her book for more tips! With all the money you will be saving you could buy yourself a new house! Or maybe just build one like this:

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