Sunday, December 5, 2010

Battleship, Make-up, and Books...Oh My!

I was going to post a deal that I got today, but the deal was good today ONLY. I'm still going to post it (because I'm just that excited about it) but since I am posting wayyyy later in the day than I expected to, I'm gonna throw in a few more deals to make it up to you. I hope we can still be friends, just like these guys:

Anyway, today I went to Toys R Us and got a game for FREE. The sale was a special deal for today only that included Hasbro's U-Build Battleship. It's marked down from $19.99 to only $7.99 today! If you got today's paper with the coupon inserts, there is a $5 off coupon for this game in the Smart Source insert. That brings it down to $2.99, and there is currently a mail-in rebate offer for $3. Which means they are paying YOU a penny to buy this game. I'm going to let my boyfriend keep the penny because I will probably beat him (again) at this game anyway. Tee hee.

I know it's 4:30 and you're busy with dinner and don't intend to rush out to Toys R Us right now to go buy this (and by "buy" I mean "basically steal"), but even if you're not interested, it might be a good Toys for Tots donation. Definitely check out the rebate offer if you plan on buying ANY games at Toys R Us in the near future - there are a bunch of good ones on there!

Ok, so to make up for posting that one so late that it's pretty much not helpful whatsoever, I'm going to share one more store deal. Target just lowered the price on some Rimmel eyeshadows, making them $2.24.

If you go to their Facebook page and "like" it, you will get a coupon for $2 off (it's for mascara, but below it it says "or any product"). I just did this and went to Target and got the silvery one for 24 cents. Now I just need someone to come over and teach me how to do the smoky eye thing without looking like a robot who got in a fight.

Since it's the holidays and I'm supposed to be in the spirit of giving (which is hard after a day at the mall, let me tell you!) here is one final awesome deal. My friend Kellye showed me this one this morning. Kellye is awesome. Not just because she sent me this, but because she likes to eat ice cream for dinner like me and then complain about how gross we are over a bowl of macaroni and cheese.

She sent me a link to this website, Hay House, where a bunch of books have been marked down to only $1. There are some really cute gift ideas on here too! I like the one called "Women Who Do Too Much". They must have met my mom.

That's not my mom. My mom doesn't like cats or have red hair.

Happy Shopping!! :)

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