Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gift Card Granny

How cute is this picture?

Does this not look just like your Grandma? It looks just like mine, except mine doesn't wear a cape.And maybe she doesn't quite move fast enough for there to be flames coming out of her walker. But she's cute!

This is the Gift Card Granny. If you go to her website, you can buy gift cards for discounted prices. Sometimes they are REALLY good discounts too.On the home page they list the top deals for the day. For example, right now you can get an AMC Gift Card worth $42 for $33.60. This will get you into 4 movies for $8.50 each instead of $10.50. If you prefer clothes, there are several Macy's gift cards as well that will save you at least 10%. These are just 2 examples though. They have gift cards to EVERYWHERE on here.

Just one tip - Don't get too excited when you see one for a 60% discount or something. This is most likely because it's being sold on ebay and the auction still has several days left, so while it looks like a good deal right now for $10, you can bet the price will go up before it's sold. That being said, you can still score some killer deals on here. Especially if you know you're going to be spending money in a particular store. I know I could easily spend $100 at New York & Company, so I would definitely be interested in the $100 gift card up there right now for $90. I save 10 bucks before I even start shopping!

The people who run this site are so nice and generous that some stores even list coupon codes as well. This NY & Company page (scroll down a bit) lists one for $40 off $100, so that $100 gift card I just bought for $90 is going to get me so much more than $100 worth of clothes. I basically saved $50 just from coming to this website! Isn't shopping from your couch fun?!

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