Thursday, December 30, 2010

So, You Wanna Pay Me To Shop? Well, OK!

I learned about this one about a month ago and I still can't believe it actually works, but I promise it does. Ebates is an internet rebate service that gives you cash back for shopping online! In fact, I just got $10 credited to my account today for a gift basket I bought online a few days ago!

I just started doing this in late November and already have over $21 in my account. $21 in a month might not be exciting to everyone, but lately I have been LIVING at Target buying household things for the apartment and $21 buys a LOT of picture hangers, facecloths, air fresheners, and chocolate. What? Yes, chocolate is definitely a household item AND a necessity. If you don't believe me, come live with me for a day when there is none in the apartment.

That was actually the day we ran out of hot chocolate too, I remember it well. Anyway, back to Ebates. When you sign up, they will deposit $5 in your account to start you off. Then you can search through the stores to see if the one you were planning on buying something from is on the list. I bet you it is. Ebates will tell you how much cash back they are offering and if there are any other deals or coupon codes, they will display those as well. Then you buy your item(s) and wait for the email from Ebates telling you that they've credited your account! Once you make at least $10, they will start sending you checks every 3 months. There is a little bit more about that here because I'm lazy and don't want to type it all.

One word of advice: Make sure that you click the link to shop through Ebates instead of opening a new window or tab, or even leaving the site. I guess that's more than one word, but seriously, you won't get the cash back if you don't go to Ebates first and then click the link to shop through the website that you want. They will open up a "ticket" and once you make a purchase, they will usually send you an email within a day or two letting you know that the money has been credited to your account. It's like getting paid to shop! What could be better?! Actually, there is one thing....

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