Monday, December 6, 2010

Using eBay as a Coupon ATM

The other day I got that TV that I blogged about at Target, and I was able to use a coupon that got me a $15 gift card when I spent $150 (the TV was $198). We took that gift card and went right back in the store to buy some shelves for the apartment that were basically free, and I of course did my usual "I just scored a super good deal" dance that looks a little like this:

Well now we are also looking to buy a PlayStation and I was thinking how I would LOVE to get my hands on another one of those "Get a $15 Target gift card when you spend $150" coupons. So I turned to eBay because, let's be serious, you can buy ANYTHING on eBay. Here's proof. Long story short: I found a coupon and got it for $4.37. Finding one for free would have been nice, but I'm still excited about this because it works out to be an extra $10.63 to be put towards some new stuff  once we buy the PlayStation.

Today I was reading Kathy Spencer's book "How to Shop For Free" and she talked about buying multiple coupons on eBay. Sure enough I searched for "Kohl's coupons" and found a loooooong list of auctions selling $5 off a $5 Kohl's purchase coupons. I ended up buying 10 of them for only $2. That's $50 worth of coupons and free stuff for only $2!! My boyfriend and I went over to Kohl's tonight and used 3 of them (in 3 separate transactions) to get 2 hand towels, 3 pairs of socks, and a greeting card for about $1 after using the coupons. I still have 7 of them left to go back and look for more free stuff tomorrow! I pretty much looked like this on the way out of the mall:
So to sum things up - if you're in the market for a ghost, check eBay. And also, go to eBay and search for coupons to your favorite stores or restaurants and you can probably score a bunch of them! I just read about  woman who bought 50 FREE McDonald's coffee coupons for just a couple dollars and used them on her way to work to get free coffee for months! I'd be so excited about that deal I wouldn't even need the caffeine high ;o)

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