Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have no idea why this site is called ArtsCow, but I really don't care because I have gotten so much free stuff from this site it's ridiculous. I forgot how I originally found out about ArtsCow, but I made a free photo calendar on it as a Christmas gift for my Gramma (pretty sure she doesn't read this...). I didn't have to pay anything but shipping (it's still the thought that counts, right?) and it came out good. I mean, there are even dates on it and everything! Ha, I'm just kidding, it came out awesome! I hope she likes it!

I liked it so much that I logged back in to make some more stuff, and it was like I was at some kind of barnyard casino and ArtsCow credits kept adding themselves to my account. Hundreds of them!

I now have credits for coin purses, towels, photo prints, magnets, buttons, watches, ornaments, a leather digital camera case, keychains, tote bags, coasters, letter openers, and more. All FREE except for shipping. There are also promo codes for FREE shipping, and a custom watch or mouse pad for $5.88 and $6.88 with free shipping. It's like they don't actually want you to pay for anything at all!

I think you should create an account and "milk it" for all it's worth (pun real obviously intended)!!

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