Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Free Little Fockers!

Today on LivingSocial you can sign up and get a free $5 credit towards the purchase of any deal. I just did this with an alternate email (because I already had an account with my main email), got the $5 credit, and then bought a movie ticket for The Little Fockers for FREE. The ticket is listed only in select cities and it's selling out fast, so if you want this one, you should do it soon!

Here's what to do:
1) Click the link above and enter your email
2) When you get to the main page, you must create an account using the link in the top right corner. This is how you will get your $5 credit.
3) If you want to check to make sure the credit was applied, click on "my account" and then "deal bucks".
4) For the movie ticket deal, click on "more deals" on the left and chose Los Angeles as the city. This deal was also in Kansas City, but has since sold out, so I purchased it from the LA site.
5) Click on the "buy" tab and it should show you owing $0.00 for your movie ticket! Unfortunately you will still have to fill out the credit card section, but nothing will be charged.

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